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My name is Christopher Cruz. I’m a Bay Area based illustrator with a focus on editorial and poster illustrations.

Like most I was drawn to the arts as a child, doodling in all of my notebooks and drawing everything I saw on T.V. I knew at a young age that this is all what I wanted to do. Many years later and I am on track of fulfilling that childhood dream. After a four year stint serving in the United States Navy, I’ve shifted back towards my art career goals attending City College of San Fransisco and taking advantage of their Illustration and Graphic Design courses before transferring to my current college, California College of the Arts (CCA) where I am actively pursuing a BFA in Illustration. If you would like to get in touch or work with each other for illustration work, please reach out and email me at
christopherangelcruz@gmail.com or by using the form on the right. I look forward to our conversation.

And please feel free to check my work and follow me on social media at



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